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Netzunabhängiges Arbeiten erhöht die Flexibilität. Dazu bieten wir Ihnen dieses Produkt mit einem sehr günstigem Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis an. Die Maschine eignet sich besonders zum Schneiden von leichten Stoffen, Vlies, Teppich u. a. Bodenbelägen. Schnellladestation (230 V) und 1 Akku werden mitgeliefert.Technische Daten:9,6V AkkuMesser-Durchmesser: 60mmMesser-Typ: 10-Bogen, HSS-StahlMesserdrezahl: 1.200 U/Min.max. Schneidhöhe: 12mmGewicht: 1,2 KgMaße: 295 x 60 x 80 mm

Azzurro Cutter battery powered shears
The Azzurro Cutter is a powerful tool with Li-Ion battery technology and a titanium-coated circular blade that has been specially developed for use with textiles. Thereby -depending on the material- textiles up to a height of 8mm can be cut. With our Azzurro, you can cut quickly and precisely without a cord to get in the way. Thanks to the second Li-Ion battery included in the set, you don't have to worry about the machine running out of power.   technical data: - 50mm 6-edges HSS-TITAN coated blade - Cutting height max. 8mm - weight 630g - Safety switch - Integrated grinding unit - Knife speed 980rpm - Motor power 3,6V, 35W - Li-Ion battery 2400mAh   Scope of delivery: - 2x 50mm 6-edges HSS-TITAN coated blade, made in Germany - 2x Li-Ion battery 2400mAh - charging station - power supply unit - Various spare parts (like grinding stone and bushing)

Druckluftschere A40

E-Schere: Motor + A40

E-Schere: Motor + B70

EC Cutter Set, for classic textiles
EC Cutter SetFor classic textiles        ergonomic design        Weight: only 220g        Mains/and battery operation        1x short cutting head for cutting tight radii        1x cutting head with foot for cutting straight cuts on the cutting table        The use of a tungsten steel blade makes the cut precise and long-lasting        simple cutter head change        best suited for cutting rubber,various fabrics,paper and more.Scope of delivery:    Handpiece    Charging station    transformer    Mains connection    Battery    Cutting head with short blade for radii    Cutting head for straight cuts, with foot    Operating instructions in English and German

Li-Ion battery for Azzurro Cutter
Our powerful Li-Ion battery with 2.400 mAh is specially designed for our Azzurro cutter.It offers a long runtime and high performance, so you can use your cutter anywhere and anytime.The battery is lightweight and compact. With the Li-Ion battery for our Azzurro Cutter you are always well equipped.

Power Cutter R1 B70,for classic textiles
The Power Cutter R1 B70 for classic textiles.Our Power Cutter R1 B70 is ideally suited for cutting cotton textile,artificial/genuine leather and other classic textiles .Its light weight and high ridge of flexibility make it a true all-rounder in the cutting sector.Technical data:        Weight: 1.25kg with battery        Speed: 11.500 - 18.000 rpm        Max.cutting height: up to 10mm        Battery: 12V / 2,5AhScope of delivery:        Powercutter R1 B71        2xBattery 2,5Ah        Charger

ROBUSO Blue Shark Cutter set, unserrated, Li-Ion battery 5.000 mAh
ROBUSO Blue Shark Cutter, unserratedThe Blue Shark Cutter from Robuso is the latest version of the battery-powered hand cutter. It has a replaceable and powerful 5000mAh Li -Ion battery, which allows a permanent work. The integrated laser liner helps supportively when cutting straight lines. The 2-stage smart motor is fully adjustable to your needs, either automatically in continuous operation or manually via keystroke. It also has 2 speed settings, which can be changed instantly at the touch of a button. The ergonomic shape and balanced weight allow for long-lasting fatigue-free work. Laser liner for precise straight cuts 2x 5000mAh Li-Ion power cell New 2-stage smart motor – Cutting mode: manual or automatic 2x Exchangeable HSS cutting head Smart buttons Cutting height max. 18mmDownload Flyer

WBT-2 Cutter
WBT-2 Cutter Set .The WBT-2 Cutter scores with its light weight,its flexibility as well as the great battery power.It is best suited for single layer cutting of classic textiles such as cotton,jersey,spandex,denim,leather and other light textiles.It can be effortlessly cut long webs but also radii.Technical data:        Li-Ion battery 5000 mAh        445gr. Weight        up to 6mm max. cutting height        smooth cutting edgeScope of delivery:        Motor WBT-2        2 cutting heads        quick charger        Tool for cutting head change        Spare part set        Adapter for direct current operation via 230V