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Netzunabhängiges Arbeiten erhöht die Flexibilität. Dazu bieten wir Ihnen dieses Produkt mit einem sehr günstigem Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis an. Die Maschine eignet sich besonders zum Schneiden von leichten Stoffen, Vlies, Teppich u. a. Bodenbelägen. Schnellladestation (230 V) und 1 Akku werden mitgeliefert.Technische Daten:9,6V AkkuMesser-Durchmesser: 60mmMesser-Typ: 10-Bogen, HSS-StahlMesserdrezahl: 1.200 U/Min.max. Schneidhöhe: 12mmGewicht: 1,2 KgMaße: 295 x 60 x 80 mm

Azzurro Cutter battery powered shears
The Azzurro Cutter is a powerful tool with Li-Ion battery technology and a titanium-coated circular blade that has been specially developed for use with textiles. Thereby -depending on the material- textiles up to a height of 8mm can be cut. With our Azzurro, you can cut quickly and precisely without a cord to get in the way. Thanks to the second Li-Ion battery included in the set, you don't have to worry about the machine running out of power.   technical data: - 50mm 6-edges HSS-TITAN coated blade - Cutting height max. 8mm - weight 630g - Safety switch - Integrated grinding unit - Knife speed 980rpm - Motor power 3,6V, 35W - Li-Ion battery 2400mAh   Scope of delivery: - 2x 50mm 6-edges HSS-TITAN coated blade, made in Germany - 2x Li-Ion battery 2400mAh - charging station - power supply unit - Various spare parts (like grinding stone and bushing)

Batterypack for WBT-2 Cutter
Li-Ion Batterypack for WBT-2 Cutter 5000mAh

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Blue Shark Li-Ion Battery 5.000mAh
Set Blue Shark Li-Ion Battery2* 5.000mAh Li-Ion Batteries

Compressed Air Cutter B71
The proven electric shear for the heaviest use is also available in the compressed air version.It also cuts mealy technical fiber fabrics effortlessly.The compressed air shear unfolds its great advantage wherever the use of electric motors becomes difficult, such as when cutting carbon fiber.Technical data:    Weight - 2Kg    Handle diameter - 60mm    length - 31cm    Cutting height max. - 15mm    Cutting speed max - 12m/min    Power - 170W/230V

Cutting head with foot plate for WBT-2 Cutter
Cutting head with foot plate for WBT-2 cutter.This cutting head with footplate is ideal for cutting classic textiles such as cotton, nettle, jersey, denim and leather.The footplate allows a comfortable guidance of the cutter during cutting on the table.

Druckluftschere A40

Druckluftschere A41

Druckluftschere B45

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Dynaflex Handschuhe "L" (Gr.9)

E-Schere: Motor + A40

E-Schere: Motor + A41

E-Schere: Motor + A51

Only 1 available
E-Schere: Motor + B70

E-Schere: Motor + B71

E-Schere: Motor + B81

EC Cutter Battery
EC Cutter batteryReplacement battery for EC Cutter easy change - plug and playweight: only 78gNi-MH4/5AA1200mAh3,6V

EC Cutter cutting head with ball, microserrated
EC Cutter cutting head with ball:Replacement cutting head for EC Cuttereasy change - plug and playfor cutting of: Technical and classic textilesthe ball prevents piercing into the textile and thus guarantees a cut that is gentle on the materialideal for long precise cuts and radii

EC Cutter cutting head with long foot,for classic textiles
EC Cutter cutting head long:        Replacement cutting head for EC Cutter        easy change - plug and play        for cutting of: Classic textiles        guarantees a cut that is gentle on the material        ideal for long precise edge cuts