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Regrinding service from the expert

Sharpening high-quality scissors is always worthwhile, because they cut like new again afterwards. The prerequisite for this is that you have the sharpening done by a specialist. To this day, professional resharpening is a craft for which our employees are prepared with two and a half years of training and many years of professional experience. The scissors are taken apart, ground in the hollow, screwed together, straightened and sharpened by appropriately skilled specialists. Here we offer you the service of a real expert. Also for scissors of other brand manufacturers as well as for machine knives and co. Please feel free to contact us!

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We regrind your shears, machine knives and co. like new.
Standard 48-hour service - worldwide!

The individual steps at a glance:

Incoming inspection

Is the regrinding of the shears still worth it?


Disassembly and removal of coarse impurities (e.g. resin).

Hollow grinding "pließten"
The grinding pattern on the inside of the scissors is restored.


Reassemble the scissor blocks, replace worn bolts and nuts.

Regrinding of the cutting edge

The cutting edges are made sharp again.


The microserration of the scissors will be renewed and ground new into the scissors.

Controll for a smooth opening and closing

Checking if the scissors is opening and closing smoothly and evenly.


Cutting controll on the desired material (also possible on your own material)

You want to take a step against our current throwaway society - a step towards sustainability and longevity?

100 years of experience combined with quality, passion, innovation and knowledge - all this is offered by our ROBUSO scissors from Solingen.
The name ROBUSO stands for quality from the cutlery city "Solingen" and has a lot to offer.
ROBUSO scissors are made by Solingen craftsmen in over 80% handcraft.
Traditional production processes are characteristics for the Solingen craftsmanship at the highest level.

We look forward to receive your scissors!